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Geraldine: hello

Me: hi

You missed a call from Geraldine.

You missed a call from Geraldine.

Me: Hi

Geraldine: wat do u do now?

Me: I work on my aunt and uncle's vaporater farm.

Geraldine: i see, it gerat

Me: Not really. He just brought on a couple of more workers this season. If they work out i'm hoping he'll let me apply to the academy.

Geraldine: nice

Me: Can you alter time, speed up harvest or teleport me off this rock? lol

Geraldine: hahaha, i wish i can do that

Me: then it looks like i'm going nowhere

Geraldine: u are welcome here

Me: I wish. It's late, i'm in for it as it is!

Geraldine: hahaa

Me: I think the droids we bought might be stolen.

Geraldine: hahaha are u arried?

Me: No

Geraldine: ur age?

Me: 19

Geraldine: ohh, to young

Me: Yeah, I get that a lot: young Skywalker this, kid that, the boy… Everyone thinks i'm too young except for Yoda who thinks I'm too old.

Geraldine: hahaha me is 25 thats y u are younger to me

Me: Biggs was right, I'm never gonna get off this planet.

Geraldine: hahaha gudluck

Me: Ben told me where he's from there's no such thing as luck. But my uncle say he’s just a crazy old wizard. Could you play back that message one more time?

Geraldine: wat?

Me: what message? Threepio just said, "The one you're hiding in your rusty innards. lol He's gay, I think. He can be bitchy.


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