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Isebela: Hi


Me: Hi


Isebela: How u doing


Me: Not too good


Isebela: Why


Me: I went to meet my friend Doc Brown in a mall parking lot the other night. I guess he'd stolen something from these dudes and they showed up with guns and killed him right in front of me.


Isebela: Oh I see. I am very sorry about that


Me: It was crazy. They started after me and there was no way I was gonna be able to get away from them on my skateboard.


Isebela: Were are u from


Me: Hill Valley


Isebela: What do u do for a living


Me: Well, I was playing guitar with my band The Pinheads but things have gotten weird since the attack on Doc Brown. I escaped the gunmen in his tricked out Delorean. I don’t remember what exactly happened next, only that I woke up at my mom’s. But she didn’t recognize me and keeps calling me Calvin.


Isebela: Are u singel


Me: Yeah. But someone close to me seems to like me a little more than she should. I gotta hook her up with this guy I know. I see a future for the two of them.


Isebela: Hmm that’s sounds really great


Me: If it happens.  If I can’t make these two fall in love at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance my life is over.


Isebela: Ok. Where are you now?


Me: Figuring out how to get 1.21 gigawatts of power into the Delorean so I can get back to where I need to be.


Isebela: Ok..


Me: Doc Brown has an idea — H’s not dead, btw. At least he’s not dead right now — ha has an idea. And h’s the scientist that invented the flux capacitor so he ought to know.


Isebela: Ok. That’s cool. Well if u don’t mind I will like to know more about u


Me: This is my world right now.


Isebela: Ok



Isebela: Hello


Me: Hi


Isebela: How u oing


Me: Pretty good. Getting ready for the big Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. Also, there's a big thunder4storm tonight.



Isebela: So how was your night?


Me: I helped Doc Brown prepare the Delorean for the storm tonight. And feeling a little worried. This picture I have of me and my family is so faded I can barely make us out.



Me: What’s the date?


Isebela: Date of what


Me: Today’s date


AUG 2015

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