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A Review of The Flaming Buoy Filet Co.

And a Reply


In which a lovely bottle of 2018 Turnbull Cabernet Sauvignon from Uva Key West (buy the case) responds to a review of The Flaming Buoy Filet Co. at 5 o'clock in the morning.


David P.

Plainfield, IL (

Really.... This is not fine dining. This is trying to be overly hip restaurant dining. Shorts and t-shirts by the all male wait staff should tell you everything.

The food would be really good for a food truck. That's about it. Look up Cafe Marquesa. I should've gone there twice...


Dear David,

So sorry you were somehow misinformed that The Flaming Buoy Filet Co. was a fine dining establishment. Certainly, we hold no such illusions. I mean, have you seen what we boys wear? My husband occasionally dons a t-shirt hand-sewn from a discarded Cafe Marquesa table cloth. Unfortunately, I did a spit-take of club soda all over it one evening while reading a particularly entertaining review. A little red wine took the stain right out, however. I can't recall the vintage. Of the wine, that is.

Further, I'm flattered to know you think our food would be really good for a food truck, but I don't think food trucks eat.

Nevertheless, I hope you find all your future dining to be just fine.


R. Scot Forste

Co-Owner, The Flaming Buoy Fiket Co.

AUG 21

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