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DOMINIC:  We should reimagine the use of guns as an analogy, especially on this page as we are very sensitive to the fact that guns kill the majority of children in the US. We need to secede permanently we can do away with that damn constitution and those stupid supposed "rights."


Richard Scot Forste, and guns don't kill all the children in the US either and we shouldn't secede to lose our rights. Do you want me to spell it out for ya?





I write to bare harms.  So, I will see your second amendment and raise it with a first.



Who, exactly, in this topic of noisy leaf blowers and their suppression, triggered your response?  Rifling through this thread, I see no mention of gun control, let alone secession or the second leading cause of accidental death of children (which is neither the majority nor all, as you incorrectly stated).


So, who?  Who here wants to secede?  Who here wants to do away with our constitution?


If your aim was to muzzle that apparition of a straw man that haunts about your head – Right between the lies!  Way to not throw away that shot, Hamilton.  I'd wager a round that no one here with any caliber of character will not again not say something they didn't not say before you said something about it.


And if they do, that'll be a first.



Also – and forgive me for giving myself for too little credit for giving you none, but:  There. Is. No. Analogy.  What the hell, Dominic?


This makes your stitched together bullet points of imagined grievances for the people on the this page all the more perplexing.  It's as if Ruby (no relation, I'm sure) shot Oswald because guns are bad.  It makes no sense.  A small detail, to be sure, basing an argument off a non-existent premise.  But I've heard argued that the devil is in the details.  You know, well relegated minutia.


You have no analogy. You have no facts. You have no antagonists.  And posting on Facebook is not a personality trait.


Sure, you can spell it out, but you haven't any punctuation.



You're not going to take away my gun analogies.  I need them for hunting.

MARCH 2021

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