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We were very disappointed tonight; Scott our waiter was very good; couldn't believe how we were accosted by the woman at the bar,; we were taking picture for our grandson and she was sitting there with her feet on the bar yelling at me for not wearing a mask .. o my .. I will never go on social to tall about it, but you need to observe this behavior.. she of course did not have a mask....


I'm very sorry this happened to you. I (Scot) did not witness what occurred, but know that masks are required inside The Flaming Buoy Filet Co. at all times unless seated, whether at a table or at the bar. Therefore was the woman seated at the bar accordingly unmasked. Unfortunately, the staff has neither the time, the professional skills, nor, frankly, the desire to police every behavior of every guest at all times. Ideally, they shouldn't have to be as diligent as has been recently necessitated. In either case – not wearing a mask in the restaurant because one wants to take photos a couple of feet near other guests seated at the bar, or guests accosting other guests for not wearing masks, regardless of whether or not their evening was interrupted by a maskless guest intent on photographing near them – both behaviors we consider highly inappropriate, unacceptable, and, one would hope, regrettable. Because it is my responsibility to ensure all of our guests share a safe and respectable experience, I will endeavor further to make certain such is the case and, if observed, by action, prevent the inexcusable.


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